Hi. My name is Isaac Chang. I am happily married for over 20 years to my wife, Eda, and we have been blessed with two great daughters. My family lived in Coquitlam for over seven years, before moving to Burnaby to pursue the education of our children.


Prior to TCCC, I was a pastor at Pacific Grace MB Church, as well as Burnaby Pacific Grace MB Church. I also worked as the Ministry Director of CCHC Herald Monthly of Western Canada. I hold a Bachelor’s degree from the Canadian Bible College in Regina, Saskatchewan, and have studied a Master’s degree of Missiology from the Canadian Theological Seminary. I also completed a Diploma and a Master’s degree in Christian Studies from Regent College in Vancouver.


During my theological training and work as a pastor, I discovered my passion in developing the ministry of missions. Over the past 18 years, I have thoroughly participated in short term mission trips to and from South America, leading projects in church planting, teaching, and training the local pastors & laymen.


My responsibilities as the Senior Pastor of TCCC include implementing the mission and core values of our church. My approach to this ministry is to lead this church as a team through our dedicated deacon board and staff. My prayer and focus are that the Lord will raise up new leaders in the church as well as work with the deacons and staff in developing a greater passion for the Gospel. My primary concern is being able to find the proper balance in reaching out to our community, while also maintaining the spiritual growth of our congregation. 


My personal interests revolve around my wife, my daughters, great friends, and my life-long passion for camping and travelling. I also really enjoy a good cup of coffee and tea, great food, and living in BC.



曾仲池牧師, 與妻子李淑靈超過廿載愉快婚姻生活。我們育有兩位可愛的女兒。我的家庭曾於高貴林住了七年多, 然後, 為著子女的教育移往本立比居住至今。 


在三一華人教會牧會前, 我分別於基督教頌恩堂, 本立比頌恩堂牧會, 及基督教角聲佈道團號角月報(加西版)事工主任。我擁有聖經研究學士(加拿大聖經學院, 雷城, 沙省), 修讀宣教學碩士(加拿大神學院), 基督教研究碩士文憑及碩士學位(維真學院) 


當我於神學院受訓及事工服待, 形成我對宣教的負擔與興趣。在去18年多次我曾到南美洲國家參予植堂教導及訓練本地的牧者及信徒領袖。 


作為三一華人教會主任牧師, 我的主要職責為落實事工發展能配合教會的異象及核心價值。而事工推動, 以執事及同工組成團隊為主, 能愛廣福音。我的禱告及焦點為讓天父興起新的領袖能與執事及教牧同工團隊同工。我主要的關注為在社區內福音外展廣傳及信徒靈命裁培的平衡。 


個人的興趣絕大部份以妻子, 女兒及一些好朋友為核心。我們享受露營及旅行。我也十分享受一杯香濃好咖啡或茶, 美味食物及於卑斯省生活。
 IandE Chang2
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