My name is Tyler Loewen; I am the Associate Pastor of English Ministry here at Tri-city Chinese Tyler PhotoChristian Church. I completed my Bachelor of Arts in Religion with a major in Pastoral Theology at Summit Pacific College in Abbotsford, British Columbia. I currently live in Vancouver with my beautiful wife, Cecilia, who studies dentistry at UBC. We have just recently gotten married, and look forward to ministering in many capacities together.
In my spare time I can be found reading a challenging book, making music on my guitar, going on dates with my wife, and occasionally playing videogames. I have discovered, though, that these things can only be enjoyed to their fullest when we first find our joy in Jesus Christ. He will provide us with the only true, lasting satisfaction. And it is when we know Him that we are free to fully experience the rest of our lives.
My passion is for preaching God’s word, building relationships with people, and discovering truth. I believe that the Bible is the living Word of God – he still communicates to us through it today – and that it is highly relevant and applicable to us today. God has commissioned me, as a pastor, to discover the truths in his word and share them with those around me. In doing so, we will together grow in our knowledge and understanding of who God is and establish a deep personal relationship with our Creator.

我的名字是盧泰來;三一華基督教會的英文助理傳道。我在卑斯省阿博斯福市的高峰太平洋學院(Summit Pacific College) 主修教牧神學,並考取了宗教學文學士的學位。我現與我美麗的妻子Cecilia居住在溫哥華,她正在卑斯省大學(UBC) 修讀牙科。我們剛剛最近才結了婚,並期待著在許多不同的崗位上一起服事。
在閒暇時間,我喜愛閱讀一些充滿挑戰性的書、彈奏吉他音樂、與我的妻子約會、或偶爾玩電子遊戲。但我發現,這些東西都只能在我們先從耶穌基督裡得到喜樂後才能夠真正充份享受。衪為我們提供唯一真實 、恆久的滿足。也當我們真正認識衪的時候,我們才可以自由地去完全享受我們的生命。
我熱衷於宣講神的話語,建立人與人之間的關係和尋求真理。我相信聖經是神活生生的說話 - 衪仍然用它與我們溝通 - 並作我們今天適切的應用。上帝已經差派了我,作為一個傳道人,尋求衪話語裡的真理,並與身邊的人分享。在此過程中,我們會與我們對神的認識一起成長並與我們的創造主建立深厚的個人關係。

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